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ICC Newsletter December 2020

NewsAs most of you already know, this year will be a special Christmas, since there will be NO public Masses around Christmas in our parish. Why not? The maximum number of attendees allowed (30 per Mass) is far too low, compared to the 6000 a 7000 people who always attend Mass during Christmas. This means we all have to think about alternative ways to celebrate Christmas.

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How to register for the International Mass (December)

People in church We have to keep track of everybody who joins Mass. There will be an international Mass on Tuesday 19:00 and on Sunday 13:00.

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How to register for the Dutch Mass (December)

People in church Also for the Dutch Mass, we have to keep track of everybody who joins. This will be done using a registration form.

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Corona Protocol

Virus The corona measures for our church have been tightened again. Until further notice, the maximum number of participants of the Mass will be 30 (excluding people who perform special functions). As a consequence, the protocol has been changed.

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Church Wageningen

Wageningen Church Information on the Chapel, Adoration, and food for the foodbank:

In Wageningen, the chapel of the church will stay open every day from 8:30 - 20:00 for prayer and for lighting a candle, except when there is a recording of a Mass.

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Collection and Mass intentions

CollectionCollection information, and Requests for Mass intentions.

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Corona crisis coordination point

Phone and emailThis coronacrisis leads to a situation which is drastic to everyone. Our usual social life has to be organized in a different way, and we all still have to get used to that. Most of us are lucky to be able to use the internet, whats-app, email, and all other virtual devices to keep in contact with each other and to stay informed about the most recent developments.

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Thursday, 28th January 2021


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