Holy Mass schedule June 2019

PentecostAttached you will find the Holy Mass schedule of the month June. Many special celebrations (beginning with Pentecost). To avoid typing mistakes, they will not be mentioned here, so see attachment.

Serious request: Many of you all enjoy our almost weekly "eighth sacrament", the Coffee/Tea after Mass. Of course this can only be arranged when there actually ís coffee and tea, and when we clean up things afterwards. It would be nice if everyone took a helping hand in this. On the 'bar' you can always find the coffee/tea list, so please subscribe once and a while?

Next Thursday, June 6, from 20:00-22:00 there will be discussion group again: Every month Fr Henri offers the opportunity for a open discussion about topics related to faith and science, spirituality and reason, usually called 'discussiongroup faith and reason'. Where? In the parish house of Fr Henri, address: Bergstraat 17 (the house at the right side of the Church square, if you look at the Church).

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