Assumption of our LadyFor most of you the holidays are in full swing! Father Henri is back, so there will be more Masses and opportunity for confession again.

Slowly but surely some of you will come back again this month, and hopefully several new students will start looking for our catholic church in Wageningen. So.... this is the time to "put on your missionary shoes". We hope you can help us to welcome the new (PhD) students and other international newcomers in several different ways, e.g., in distributing the ICC brochure, making your contribution during the introduction days, inviting newcomers for our coffee/tea moment after Mass and having a chat with them, etcetera. For this, and also for more information, requests, and the Holy Mass schedule, see attachment.

Enjoy your holidays, enjoy your studies, enjoy your work, and hope to meet you all next week! For those who are not yet back in Wageningen: hope to see you back soon!