Excaltation of the Holy CrossHolidays are over, time to continue studies or work? For some of you in an entirely new environment...... in or around our beautiful city Wageningen. Hope you had a nice holiday, in which you got lots of new energy and inspiration for this new academic year. Hope you are looking forward to all new challenges on your path!

Some of you already have been active in putting our church and our ICC in the attention during the introduction days: on Saturday we held an "open church", giving passers-by the opportunity to light a candle, and on Wednesday we were at the info-market at the arboretum. Some of you, probably already have spread some ICC brochures, talked to and welcomed newcomers, etcetera. Thank you all for your efforts until now, and please continue this work as a missionary!

In the attachment you will find the Holy Mass schedule of the month September and a summary of the announcements / activities and celebrations.

Some "highlights":

  • Come and celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and/or accept the challenge to come and help to clean the space between our church-dome and church-roof (both on Saturday September 14).
  • Prepare some snacks and iron your traditional clothing for the next day; keep Sunday September 15 free to join the mixed (and also only) Holy Mass on that day at 10:00, followed by a Wageningen Catholic Community party!
  • Have the guts to subcribe to serve coffee/tea once and a while.
  • Join the discussion group about faith and reason.
  • And there is more.... so, please have a good, good look at the attachment!