Annunciation of the LordLent has begun. A period of preparation your heart and soul for Easter, by focusing more consciously on yourself as a Christian, e.g., by fasting from food or from certain habits, by taking some additional time to pray and reflect, by sharing and giving, etcetera.

We hope that some of the ICC activities can help you in your preparation for Easter. In the attachment you will find the Newsletter and Holy Mass Schedule of March, and also the most recent General information of ICC.

Please take a good look at it; there are many changes this month: several Tuesday- and Friday Masses and several Matins and Lauds will be cancelled, so will be the opportunity for confession on three Tuesdays. BĂșt there will also be extra 'activities', like praying the Way of the Cross on Fridays and Adoration early in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Wishing you a good, fruitful, healty continuation of Lent!