AnnouncementMost recent measures: The Dutch bishops have announced that the public liturgical celebrations on Palmsunday, all other days of the Good week and Easter are cancelled. All previously taken measures are extended until April 13. They have decided this with pain in their hearts.

Alternatives: Of course, we think about ways to offer alternatives. More information about this, and how the parish is busy to implement some in this crisis necessary things, will follow as soon as possible (probably Sunday-evening).

How to stay informed? Please keep your eyes on the ICC internet-site, and ICC facebook, to stay informed?

Advices RIVM (National Institute for public health and environment)

The RIVM advises following measures to avoid spreading corona:

  • take into account a physical distance between each other of at least 1.5 meters
  • wash your hands regularly
  • if you have to sneeze or to cough,do it in the inside of your elbow
  • use paper handkerchiefs
  • if you have a cold, if you have to cought, if you have a sour throat or fever, stay at home, avoid contact. Do not call your doctor until complaints get worse

Please pray: Please remember in your prayers all the victims of corona and all who help them? and please pray for the governments, for strength and guidance in their decisionmaking in this corona epidemy?

Stay connected: Stay healthy, stay positive, and... stay connected with each other..... not physically, but by prayer and by this huge, now very helpful invention: the virtual media !

We will keep you informed about the further developments concerning all measures,