NewsFlash Corona 5

Announcement Please find attached the 5th newsletter with specific news related to the Corona virus. Please look at it thoroughly? Please remember in your prayers all the victims of the virus and all who help them?

Specific focus on the Corona crisiteam for Wageningen. Our parish wants to bring those who can help and those in need due to this corona crisis in contact with each other. Therefore, per location, we have opened an emailaddress and a phonenumber. For more information, the Corona crisis coordination point of our Parish, location Wageningen , phone: +31 6 16 7777 05 (from 9:00 - 19:00).

Stay healthy, stay positive, and .... stay connected with each other....not physically, but by prayer, and by this huge now very helpful invention; the virtual media! We'll keep you informed about the further developments concerning all measures.

Download this file (2020-03_Corona_measures-5.pdf)2020-03_Corona_measures-5.pdf2020-03-30