Phone and emailThis coronacrisis leads to a situation which is drastic to everyone. Our usual social life has to be organized in a different way, and we all still have to get used to that. Most of us are lucky to be able to use the internet, whats-app, email, and all other virtual devices to keep in contact with each other and to stay informed about the most recent developments.

There are many, especially older more vulnerable people, however, who don't have access to the internet and who are in great risk of (social) isolation. They cannot get the information they usually get when they come to church. There are people who are not able to do their shoppings anymore, or need some other practical help. There are people who are afraid, are in need for a listening ear, or are in need for a spiritual conversation. Perhaps you know someone who is in need for help. On the other hand, this crisis also leads to togetherness and to exploring ones creativity in order offer help. New ideas pop up regularly. People want to help, and people do have ideas.

Our parish wants to bring those who can help and those in need in contact with each other. Therefore, per location, we have opened an emailaddress and a phonenumber:

Corona crisis coordination point of our Parish, location Wageningen:

Email:    Phone: +31 6 16 7777 05 (from 9:00 - 19:00)

So, if you have an idea, if you want to help, if you are in need of help, or if you know somebody who needs help, don't hesitate to contact the "corona crisis coordination point" of our parish, location Wageningen. And don't worry; the coordinator is perfectly able to read and write in English.

She / he has contact with the other coordinators, so they can find the perfect 'match', and can take care of implementation of ideas and spreading around of ideas.