Saint Francis Week

St. FrancisFrom October 4 - 10, our parish organizes a "Saint Francis Week", in this week, you can experience some parts of the Franciscan spirituality in different ways.

Although some activities will be in Dutch, there are several opportunities to meet/feel/experience parts of the Franciscan way of living, also when you are English speaking:

  • On Sunday, October 4th at 10:00, there will be a Holy Mass.
  • On Monday October 5th , at 18:30, there will be a meal (if you want to join in, please contact 06- 55516865 or before October 3), and at 20:00 there will be an English movie about the life of Saint Francis.
  • On Wednesday October 7th , at 20:00, you can experience the contemplative aspect of the Franciscan spirituality, through meditation.
  • On Friday October 9th , at 20:00, you can experience another important side of the spirituality of Saint Francis, i.e., joy. This evening you can enjoy joy in sacral dance (meditative dance). You don't have to be an expert in dancing, to join in!
  • On Saturday October 10th , at 18:30, there will be a Holy Mass, where after you can meet people of the Third Order of Saint Francis.

You are all kindly invited to join in!

Place: Catholic Church in Wageningen (Johannes de Doper)

More information in the leaflet attached (in Dutch).

Download this file (St Francis week 2015.pdf)St Francis week 2015.pdf2015-09-26