Invitation volunteers June 9

VolunteersWe would like to invite all voluntary workers of our church to the annual “thank you” evening on Friday evening June 9. If you are doing voluntary work for our church, for example; choir, cleaning church, maintenance of the garden, helping out during the Eucharist etcetera you are more than welcome to come to this special evening.

Together with the Dutch voluntary workers of our church you will enjoy a very fun evening! Food and drinks combined with some entertainment will be on the programme. Please let me know if you want to join us on this great evening! The evening itself starts at 8pm in the Verrijzeniszaal next to the church. If you are interested in coming to this evening, you can send an email to or contact me on my mobile 06-46832006.

Kind Regards,
Liesbeth van der werf
Pastoral Group

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018