Holy Mass schedule February 2018

Ash WednesdayAttached you will find the Holy Mass Schedule of February and the most recent general information about ICC. Please have a thourough look at the Mass Schedule, since there are quite some activities, but also quite some changes, e.g.:

Feast of the presentation of the Lord and blessing of St Blaise

On February, the Feast of the presentation of the Lord, will be celebrated in Renkum. There will be a Holy Mass in Renkum at 7 in the evening with blessing of St Blaise.


On Ash Wednesday February 14, Lent begins. A time to reflect, to purify your soul. The Ash Crosses will be distributed at 9:00am (Holy Mass) and at 7:00pm (Holy Mass).


The weekend immediately after Ash Wednesday (Feb 16 - Feb 18), there will be an opportunity to take some additional time for spiritual recharge; you can join the weekend retreat. Highly recommended! Praying, talking, preaching, worshipping and singing for God. You can also join part of the retreat. For more information, see attachment.


The discussiongroup Bible, Faith, Philosophy will be on February 21, at 20:00 in Father Henri's house (address: Bergstraat 17; when you stand in front of the church, it is the first house at the right).

Changes in the schedule

From Feb 27 (Tue) until Mrch 2 (Fri), there will be NO Holy Masses, NO matins and lauds, and NO opportunity for confession at Father Henri. We are not sure yet, wether there will be Adoration; we'll keep you informed.

Matins and Lauds

There will be NO matins and lauds on: Feb 3 (Sat), Feb 6 (Tue), Feb 7 (Wed), Feb 27 (Tue), Feb 28 (Wed), Mrch 1 (Thur) and Mrch 2 (Fri). And, as usual, there will be NO matins and lauds on the Mondays.

Join a choir

Our choirs desperately need new members, since some of their loyal singers have left Wageningen. Do you like to sing? Or do you play an instrument? Please look at the General Information ICC, for more information about our choirs.

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