Holy Mass schedule March 2018

Good FridayHope you all are still healty after this beautiful warm Mass in our beatiful (but today cold) church! In the attachment you will find the Holy Mass Schedule of March, and a lot of important information. Please have a close look at it?

One of the announcements

Pope Francis asked every Catholic Community to organize 24 hours of adoration. When we have enough custodians, our church therefore will be open from Friday March 9, 13:00 to Saturday March 10, 13:00. It is a very good opportunity to reflect in silence in the presence of our Lord. In the attachment you will find the whole program. You are very welcome to participate and be a custodian for one or more hours. We will at least need two persons per hour.

But there is more

Part of the program of the 24 hrs of adoration is the Way of the Cross, which will take place on Friday (March 9) at 18:00 pm. Afterwards there will be a simple dinner (in the Verrijzeniszaal), which consists of food that you yourselves take with you. So we will share food.

But there is even more

Therefore you really must check the newsletter in the attachment ;-) Then you also will discover what the other attachments are intended fore.

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Download this file (Laudato-si_eng.pdf)Laudato-si_eng.pdf2018-03-10
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