Announcements September 2018

septemberNice to see you all back, and a warm welcome to all the new ICC members!

In September we have several special celebrations and activities, with the most important one on Sunday September 16: 

there will be NO Mass at 12:30 on that day, but, instead there will be  a mixed Dutch/International Mass at 10:00, with afterwards a Party!

Please don't miss this once-in-a-year special event !

In the attachment you can find more information about this Wageningen Parish Day (September 16; one joint Mass at 10:00,  NO Mass at 12:30).

Futhermore you can read everything about: the special Mass on September 14,  the discussion group, the Pilgrimage to Kevelaer, the Pilgrimage in Renkum, a request for volunteers (to sing in one -or all- of our choirs, to play an instrument with the choir, to help preparing and serving the coffee/tea and doing the dishes), etcetera.

At the end of this newsletter you will find everything summarized in the Holy Mas schedule of the month September.

request 1

A kind request to everybody: please continue 'your work as a missionary', i.e. please help new students to find our ICC and please help them to feel welcome in our Catholic Community?

Tuesday, 9th August 2022


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