Excaltation of the Holy Cross

Excaltation of the Holy Cross
Finally, here it is: the Holy Mass schedule of September! To prevent mistakes in this announcement, we refer to the attachment for all the announcements.

Except for two:

1) Sunday, September 16, there will be NO MASS at 12:30 hr. Instead, there will be one mixed Dutch/International Mass at 10:00 hr for ALL Wageningen Parisheners (which also means you!), with a party afterwards to get to know each other better; so you are all most welcome!
Rehearsal of the special choir will be on Tuesday September 11 at 19:45.

So, please: save this day in your diary, perhaps prepare some food or snacks for the party, perhaps join the special choir, definitely wear your traditional clothing on that day, and ...... definitely pray the whole week to St Clare for nice weather on that day? See attachment for more details.

2) Friday, September 14, at 19:00 hr, there will be a mass to celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

See attachment for the complete newsletter, the Holy Mass schedule and the general information of ICC.