Holy WeekThe program of the celebrations and activities in the Good Week. There are many ways to prepare for Easter in this week.

  • Perhaps you will find support in praying the way of the Cross as you prepare for Easter?
  • Perhaps you want to go for confession?
  • Perhaps you want to join a celebration of penitence?
  • Perhaps you want to pray in silence in presence of our Lord in the Holy Sacrament?

This and more is possible; for the whole program, see HERE: Program Good Week and Easter (including links to livestream-sites and registration sites). But you can also find this program in the most recent ICC newsletter, which can be found HERE: ICC Newsletter 14.

Two international masses on Easter Sunday (Sunday April 4)

To give everybody the opportunity to join Easter Mass, there will be two international masses, one at 13:00 and one at 18:00. You do have to register: Send a mail in which you specify the preferred time or in which you indicate that you don't have a preference for time (i.e., column 1) in this word-file: Registration International Easter Mass. Deadline Friday April 2. The list of attendees will be sent to you by ICC Newsletter on Saturday April 3.

Reservations other International Masses in April

More people make reservations for the masses, great! This means that there possibly also will be a mass at 18:00 the coming weeks. Therefore a request when you register for mass: please indicate if you could also visit 18:00 mass, e.g. by putting an asterix (*) behind your reservation. Thank you! The word-file to make reservation for other International Masses for the month April can be found here: Word-file April.

Corona measures of the Dutch Government

The most recent information of (amongst others) the corona measures of the Dutch Government can be found here: Government latest news.