Nativity from CaravaggioAdvent has begun, and we have opened The Year of the Eucharist with a beautiful Mass. Take a seat, take some hot chocolate, i.e., take some time to read all announcements, requests, and the Holy Mass schedule of this beautiful, varied, inspiring advent month.

Our Lady of GuadalupeOn Thursday, December 12, a special celebration will be held in Wageningen in honor of Our Lady of Guadelupe at 7 pm.

Christ the KingThe days are getting shorter, it is November, so... it is time for a brand new Holy Mass schedule! Attached you will find this schedule, and also some important announcements.

Holy MaryAttached you will find the Holy Mass schedule of the month October, and the general information. A little late, sorry for the inconvenience.

Excaltation of the Holy CrossHolidays are over, time to continue studies or work? For some of you in an entirely new environment...... in or around our beautiful city Wageningen. Hope you had a nice holiday, in which you got lots of new energy and inspiration for this new academic year. Hope you are looking forward to all new challenges on your path!