Assumption of our LadyFor most of you the holidays are in full swing! Father Henri is back, so there will be more Masses and opportunity for confession again.

HolidayHolidays are approaching! Which means that some of you are already going back home, and others still will have to do exams.

PentecostAttached you will find the Holy Mass schedule of the month June. Many special celebrations (beginning with Pentecost). To avoid typing mistakes, they will not be mentioned here, so see attachment.

Romayne WheelerOn Saturday 18 May at 8 p.m. pianist Romayne Wheeler will give a concert at the Maria Virgo Regina church in Bennekom. It is already the fourth time that he has appeared in our parish. And that is very special, because Romayne Wheeler is a pianist of international allure.

Ascension DayAttached you will find the Holy Mass schedule of May, including all other activities organized in this month